Cyborg Hawk Linux World's Most Advanced Penetration System

  • Cyborg Hawk Linux World’s Most Advanced Penetration System

        Cyborg Hawk Linux is the most advanced penetration system in the world. It is also a Linux distribution operating system based on Ubuntu (Linux) designed for white hat hackers and penetration testers. Cyborg Hawk can be used for network security and auditing as well as digital forensics. It also includes a variety of tools, suitable for mobile security and wireless network security testing.
       Cyborg Linux provides white hat hackers and network security experts with a large collection of ultimate tools, and encapsulates commonly used social communication software, video entertainment software, office software, etc. Cyborg can make it easier for us to implement IT infrastructure security protection. As a core advantage, it is very clear how testers need a powerful and efficient system solution. With excellent tool options and close integration with stable Linux environment, Cyborg can achieve all kinds of test-related work and daily entertainment.

    Tool Category:

    More than 750 tools are divided into the following categories:
    Information Collection Vulnerability Assessment Vulnerability Exploitation Privilege Promotion Maintaining Access
    Reverse Engineering Documentation and Reporting Stress Testing Forensics Wireless Security
    FRID/NFC Hardware Hacker VoIP Analysis Mobile Security Malware Analysis
    At the same time, I believe that more developers will be able to join our development team, and we believe that this will attract more high-level security engineers to join us in changing the world!


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